Tuesday, 5 May 2009


My dearest, darling, lovely friends. I have returned from my travels in Italy. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading the old blog whilst I was gone and for the comments (which Andrew delighted me with by looking up my blog on the Internet on his mobile whilst on holiday). Didn't have the greatest time, NOT relaxing to visit Rome and Milan in a few days and try to see lots. Home to another one of my 'blips', so can barely string 2 words together and just need deep, deep sleep and cuddles (though the hubby is back at work so have to hug myself ~ not so comforting...)

I shall update you soon; show some holiday snaps, show you the growth in 24a while we were away and the new work on 14b that Andrew has already achieved. Plus answer any comments you lovingly left for me.

Big double cheek kisses and Ciao for now xx


  1. Hi I'm so jealous of your time in Rome but as you say, so much to see so little time.
    Hope you don't mind me mentioning it but your "blips" often seem to conicide with doing too much. Do you think that is the case?
    Best wishes and I hope your weeds are not growing as fast as mine!

  2. You are totally right; I defy this illness and always fight against it. I really need to try and identify when I'm pushing too much and hold back but when too much is doing the dishes etc I just get angry. It's a vicious circle.

    Our weeds aren't too bad, it's the grass that is getting to jungle proportions!

  3. It cracks me up to hear Europeans talk about "going on holiday" - something so fun about that phrase. Welcome back from "holiday" Carrie!!

  4. What do you say Whiterice instead of 'holiday'?


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