Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet...

Makes you wanna cry cause you got HAY FEVER!
(sorry Mr Marley)

Why, oh why does she do it to me, what did I do in another life to annoy Mother Nature so very much? Yesterday was foul, it rained constantly and there was a tension in the air that only thunder could of cleared but it never happened. Then today, it is glorious but I have awful Hay fever, a throat so sore I can barely talk (so frustrating!!!!) and the yucky head cold that my darling Hubby thought would be nice to share (only mine is worse). Oh, she must be a bi-polar depressive, the ups and downs are wildly far apart.

Anyway, I shall fight on through the haze of snot and blurred, watery eyes so I can tell you about our great day on Sunday at 14b ~ our newborn plot. We've done so much talking and planning about this area that now there is no stopping us (well apart from your woman in the sky who is playing havoc with our weather!) and we've cracked on a pace. It's not that we want to have it all completed and finished as soon as possible, merely, we couldn't bare to see it empty and unproductive. Actually I think we'll slow down a little now and enjoy what we have, there's plenty to get sown and loads to look after as it is.

So here is the baby a few weeks ago. Ah, remember how proud we were to have adopted her? And this is her as of the Weekend, quite impressive, no? Please say it is my back is killing me with all the work I've done and Andrew and I both are exhausted and covered in little cuts and scratches. Thank goodness for First Aid kits, haha.

So the 2 types of Spud are poking there little green heads through, I particularly like the 'Maris Peer's' tinge of purple in the leaves. We have Squashes planted under a white fleece, nothing as of yet planted in the middle bed and my glorious flower bed is now all edged and planted up with a good few favourites, though I reckon this time next year it will be full to the gills (rather like my sinuses!) with plants and bulbs.
So in there (tip to the back) I have an Elecampane at the front for the butterflies, 2 Something else (I can't remember and can't ring Andrew cause I have NO voice, arrggghh) , 3 Geum 'Cooky', an obelisk for some more Sweet Pea 'Cupani' a ribbon of Anemone corms just planted, 5 Sunflowers ' ' my favourite Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff' (I want 'Bishops' Children' as well - uummmm isn't he supposed to be celibate?!) and then a hotch potch of Sunflower 'Velvet Queen' at the back. There are other things I'll cut and divide from our back garden too. I swear it will be packed! But this is almost it for now, apart from a load of Poppies that Mary gave me, nice!!!

Oh my nose is driving me mad; I'm off before I kill someone! (Which would be hard as it's only me in the house and I'm a fervent Pacifist as well - can you begin to understand my frustration??! Who has Hay fever and a bad cold at the same time??!!! I'd scream a little, if I had my voice.
Oh, and it's been very sunny, sunny, hail stoning and now good solid raining all in the period I wrote this!
Update , after 5 mins - it's hailing again, hard


  1. Hope you feel better soon dearie :)

  2. oh Jo, I feel poorly! I think you could cook dinner on my forehead it's so hot. (Though it would be rather messy and probably quite fiddley, haha). I didn't think my nose could produce so much mucus - yuck....

  3. Geez, I've got allergies too! And I just started on antibiotics for a tick bite. And now, I did something horrible to my foot/ankle and I'm positive it's broken. Ouch.

  4. Carrie.... "I'd scream a little, if I had my voice." ... I thought I heard your scream clearly across the continent.... cheer up, have a nice day and consider having a sip of roselle juice. That will help.

    ~ bangchik

  5. Carrie girl !!
    I can't help but have a good chuckle .. I have girlfriends from the UK that describe "colds" the same way and it cracks me up every time .. it isn't funny that you feel so rotten .. it is the descriptive monologue ? LOL
    A huge wow ! to what you guys have accomplished !
    Working that hard and feeling bone tired (and sick at the same time) is a wonderful/horrible feeling at the same time isn't it ?
    Husband and I did that yesterday .. we pressed on like mad people because we know we are in for rain that will last a week or more (can our weather people actually be RIGHT for once ?) .. We have been that route with the scary thunder storms with hail .. I always fear the tornado option that can suddenly happen .. not often but it can happen ... phew !
    I hope you get over the snots (as my friend would say) and feel better soon so you can enjoy some pleasant time at the allotment !!

  6. Jan - OUCH!!!! I've never broken a bone but my goodness I have heard that the foot is the worst, it takes ages to regain it's strength. oor darlin' I hope you get treated like a princess while you recover.

    Bangchik - you heard it? my scream?!!You must be psychic, I was screaming on the inside all right. Still am to tell the truth, when the runny nose stop! I have no idea were to get roselle juice over here :(

    Joy - I do try to combat the cold with good humour, it doesn't always work but I'm glad you had a chuckle at my runny nose, coughing, aching throat's expense! I am determined to get better for the weekend as it is supposed to be nice here, I can't believe it. In fact, I try not to get excited because the weathermen are so often wrong; meteorology ~ a science?? More like guess work if you ask me. Oh, I am grumpy girl. x


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