Monday, 25 May 2009

A Bank Holiday - yea!

I've got my hubby all to myself and we aren't going to spend the whole time at the Lottie. A wee day out (I sound like an old bitty!) with the dog and trips to cafes and graveyards etc (I love graveyards - think me weird if you like but I know I'm not alone).

But don't worry we worked extra hard on Sunday and got a lot done on 14b - it looks almost like a proper allotment now!! and I have loads to tell you during the week.

Enjoy your day off xx


  1. Here in the US it's Memorial Day (although as I am reading this, it's still Sunday the 24th of May) and Memorial Day is tomorrow (Monday)...we are all off husband will be home from work tomorrow and my son is off school so we'll go on our boat and have some fun in the sun!

  2. Your love of graveyards reminds me of one of my all time favourite films
    Harold and Maude. Have a lovely bank holiday.

  3. Jan - Jealous of the boat idea! I'm sure that is a lot of fun, so much freedom. Andrew and I ended up doing some driving around Co. Antrim doing his job, in the pouring rain! NOT the day I had been hoping for, hehehe.

    Tash - I have never seen Harold and Maud! In fact never heard of it, of to look it up on IMDb. I do so love graveyards, especially as he have so many ancient ones here in Ireland with quite Pagan carvings on them. They're also just a peaceful place to be.


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