Friday, 15 May 2009

Charity begins at home, I guess....

I really am pathetic and naive. I honestly believed people cared about things like Allotment schemes and helping others out, especially when there was publicity in it for them too. I guess I am no better though, I don't give to every charity that puts a leaflet through my door and I really try to avoid those people on the streets who try to catch you with their lazer beam eyes and get to sign up to saving children, finding a cure to something or helping a cat in need. I guess I'm selfish too.

I've been trying to get people to donate items or gift vouchers to our little project, in the hopes that in my own little way I can help to raise money for the Lottie Association. It was going to be a surprise and at the AGM or the Fun Day I'd bring out my goodies and hopefully people would raffle for them. Well, it is not going well and today I am rather fed up with it all. I was even hung up on and only got through again to one large supermarket chain by changing my accent!

Sorry guys but my panic attacks can only let me do so much. And I think I'm done, I've been at this for weeks, usually too stutter-y and petrified to ring anyone but still....thinking about it a lot and writing e-mails and letters.

May I just take a moment to tell everyone out there what an absolute gentleman Mr James Alexander-Sinclair is, as he donated 2 signed copies of his fabulous book '101 Bold and Beautiful Flowers' to the cause. I love this little book and I'm not just saying that; over the past few days my health has not been good and looking at the glorious photos and reading James' wonderful command of the English language has truly helped lift my spirits and encouraged me to go and buy more flowers for myself.

I shall write a happier bloggette later, but for now I just wanted to vent and to thank James once more for keeping my faith in people alive.

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  1. You're not wrong for not giving to most of the charities who ask of you - nobody does! Nobody apart from some strange charity addict anyway. I've sent you an email. I'd not heard of that book; I love his blogs so I'll seek it out.


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