Thursday, 7 May 2009

A quick introduction and a mystery

I got the (quite) sad news about my request to take over A24b (thereby having a full square plot) on the morning we left for Italy. Mark and Charlene didn't wish to give up their half and move and well, I had to respect that. I was just glad to know for sure.
So it's about time I formerly introduced you to our new baby - A14b. (Check out the link to the map to see her in the grander scale of things). As you can see Maggie is already overseeing everything that is done to her new conquered land, though she does prefer the delicious comforts of 24a behind her to a mucky plot. Such a princess!

So there it is. The previous owner Terry has decided to chop up his full plot into 2 as he hasn't the time to work it all. So we have the side closest to our 'first born' (24a) and behind Gary's Shed. We're slowly using those history lessons about battle strategy to surround Gary and then conquer his plot too!!!! Oh, that should really be a secret....

You can see 24a just the left of Andrew with our wee shed, mini greenhouse and the not so mini fruit arch etc.
A good portion of this new plot was covered in thick black plastic and under that the ground had been ploughed over last year so the soil is in pretty good nick. We're starting down there and slowly we'll work upwards. There is a plan!

Anyway, Saturday was the first day of work and we marked out a few beds and started the old double digging. You know, dig a trench, fork it over at the bottom, put a layer of compost/manure at the bottom, then fill it in with the stuff you dig out of the trench beside it. Andrew shocked me by shouting out to Bobby that we were 'Bastard Trenching!', I thought he must be in a terrible mood already, but supposedly that is another name for it.

My trenches all went a bit tits up when on the start of my 2nd trench I came across this fellow. It took me over and hour to get it out of the wet stone packed clay-y soil it was in. And Bill's metal pole (The persuader), lots of big rocks, 2 wooden planks and a very shouty, flustered Hubby to finally lift it clear.

I went home after that but my Hubby soldiered on. I haven't seen it yet, I think he has 2 beds in and potatoes planted! What a trouper. Hopefully I'll go tonight, I'm still not fully recovered from the latest blip but I think it would be nice to get out.

Ah, yes the mystery....well before we left for Italy Andrew went down to check on everything and found a present in our cold frame. These great books! There wasn't a note in the bag or in with the books and anyone he asked knew nothing about it! Another detective adventure begins..

By the way, last night's meeting was seemingly rather productive and although it took a very long time some important issues were discussed. I can't remember the majority of it all (there was wine in his had, come on, what's more immediately essential; info or wine?) but he did waffle on about hedges, roads, Dublin, Charity plots and water taps and me having to help him with the fundraising etc etc (ummm, a Merlot I was thinking).


  1. Wow Carrie- you two are so busy all the time! Sorry to hear about the plot that wasn't meant to be but maybe there is something so special about the soil in the plot you did get, you just don't know it yet! One can hope:-D

  2. I'd like to think there is something special about our new plot. I'm warming to it, it means we'll get to meet and even make friends with even more Allotmenteers but still be close to my 'safe space - A24a' x

  3. Hope you're having/ had a good time in Italy. Lovely surprise about the books! I can see why your neighbours might not want to move, it would be a hassle. Pity though.


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