Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A little light in the darkness

I've been having a terrible time recently with my depression and panic attacks. I'll not go into it, it's enough to say I didn't move off the sofa yesterday and today I have a little window of relative calm after 3 and a half hours of thinking I'm going to explode, so I thought I'd look at some photos. Sunday, ah Sunday, you see it was a pretty good day, a glorious sun drenched day with lots of Lottie people working hard and loads of progress on our plots. (Yip, I over did it; didn't realise how bad my mental health was getting....push, push, push...)

All I want to do is share a few random photos of that great Sunday. I do have stories to tell and a mystery has been solved but that will have to wait. Hugs galore x

In the 45mins this has taken, I'm starting to feel really rather bad again. It's a very scary, upetting rollercoaster this illness.


  1. Well the pictures did me good to look at anyway! I love the colours of chard. The flower one at the end is very pretty - what are they, the blue and yellow ones? (they'll turn out to be something blindingly obvious now I've asked)

    I get miniature versions of your swings and I agree - the changes are exhausting and disempowering, it makes me angry and feeble-feeling to be controlled by something that even though it's inside me, seems bigger than me. So I dread to think what it must be like when they're much more so.

    Courage! (you have to say this with a French accent otherwise it just sounds like a northern brewing company)

  2. Have a hug (((Carrie))). Great photos again. I have finally got a new camera and will be trying to give you some competition, if I remember to take the camera to the lottie!

  3. another photo from sunday at http://www.edenallotments.org/spring09.asp

  4. Hi Carrie, great photos, but sorry you weren't feeling well when you posted this;-( I hope by now you are (May 24?)...


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