Monday, 9 March 2009

No growth on the Lotties?

Speaking with my psychiatrist on Friday I discovered that it would be more harmful to do anymore talking therapies, they may even worsen my depression. What is key for me is to keep calm, do things in my own time and set my targets for life lower; take my photographs, write my blog, read, travel and maybe most importantly to work on my Lottie. I could hardly believe it, but my Dr backs the Ecotherapy! I still have to see her and take medication but one of the most helpful thing she thinks there is for my mental health is the Allotment.

With this is mind, imagine how upset and confused I feel about the rumours that the council is not planning to give us greater funding this coming financial year; this, even though we have grown so much in size and still need to sort out a lot of the basics, like drainage and paths. I am, of course going to ask for first hand information about this, however the main man I need to talk to is on holiday - typical!

I shall keep an eye on this and do my best to stay informed both through our Lottie Committee and the Council directly. This could be serious.


  1. Well, it's reassuring at least to have medical opinion and empirical evidence in agreement. Best of luck with the council...

  2. I actually think that was a really positive response from the psychiatrist. Genuinely sometimes talking more doesn't always help and brings you down lower and drains you and things that actually boost seratonin like exercise, photography and gardening may be better!

    With regards to horticultural therapy may I suggest you look at and also Bridgend Allotments in Edinburgh which actually has an NHS run health project on site and is my person inspiration. You might find MIND has more advice or their Irish equivalent.

    As far as the council is concerned could you spendthe money they will give you on drainage etc and see if thy will aslo give you some free materials eg. bark chippings for paths which they probably have loads of from working on parks etc. Could you try raising money yourselves as a site? eg plant sales, coffee and cake morning, cake sale for some extra spending money....Or see if your psychiatrist will back a formal mental health project on the site and see if you can get some NHS funding or from a scheme such as Ecominds (which is run by Mind but I am not sure it is running in NI).

  3. thrive and mind aren't over here, N.Ireland is wick! I have been in contact with both of them and keep a permanent link up to Mind's website. They were interested in my blog and may get their media dept to call me but I won't hold my breath.

    As for the NHS I think it would be great if they money to put into projects like this but really there isn't any money - we don't even have enough midwives or psychologists here (and that's the stuff we know about).

    There are some charities, indeed I think (but sure) that PHAB has a plot on our site. Threshold does ecotherapy at some residential centres and there is an urban farm in Carrick affiliated with a supported community for adults with learning difficulties.

    Fear not I think I know my way round this area. If, and it's a big if - I said I don't know the whole story yet about funds - we are cash poor i'm sure we'll do public fundraising, our Enivronment Minister has even been to the plots and I'll get on to some disability charites here, but I'm waiting to see at the mintue.

    Thanks for the comment though jo, hugs x

  4. I don't even know where Wick is - I am geographically challenged!

    Maybe if there is a charity already on the lottie they may appreciate some help from an intelligent young lady during the day? I think it's a great way to make yourself gt out there and tal;k to people when you don't really feel like it, but in a supportive environment. Social interaction can be helpful but the fact that you are DOING something means you can just concentrate on the gardening and not talk much or taslk more and do less gardening if you need that too!

    It's the same sort of project that I am trying to get going over here so I am willing to help out as much as I can from afar!!! :D


  5. 'wick' in norn irish = crap

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    you see - now THAT makes sense LOL :)

    There is a Wick in Ireland isn't there or am I completely mistaken. I am guessing that is where the phrase comes from (no offence to Wickans (?) or indeed Wiccans.... I don't know the lingo! :D


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