Friday, 20 March 2009

A not quite bird's eye view of the whole Allotments

They join on to each other quite well though of course it really is hard to get a clear photo of it all. Maybe I should hire a microlite. How cool would that be!!!
The one below has our wee shed highlighted with a red circle - open it up x


  1. Goh your allotment site is huge! We only have 30 plots of which 12 are half plots (which is possibly why there is reputed to be a 10 year waiting list). I'd get lost on your site.

  2. I think you may be right. Our field, the 1st one opened, has over 40 plot holders alone! Now there's 100's! The social aspect of my Ecotherapy is suffering with it - I tend to be more secluded in my own field now with the friends i made a good while ago.

  3. I am 30th on the list for a lottie here!!!

    I really enjoyed chatting with you the other day Carrie! Keep in touch!


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