Wednesday, 18 March 2009

St. Paddy Power ~ 2

This part of the day ended up being all about the hard landscaping and less about the plants and soil for a while.
We were off for some supplies - with a stop off for coffee and a little bun to begin with. Andrew got some metal paint and a big welly bag for the boot of the car in a locally run supermarket and we were very pleased with the prices! Doesn't take much to excite us really.

Then off to the timber yard. It's weird - men suddenly seem to become more....manly and animated at these places. Does that make sense? It's like they are reliving some childhood experience only the different cuts of wood, multitude of nails and all sorts of weird things in these places are the replacement for the Lego they once had. They're getting to make something big and proper now! Luckily my Hubby isn't afraid to ask questions or look up what he needs beforehand; I have had moments when other wives (coping with their bumbling other halves) just look at me in the hope of some apathy and sympathy ~ maybe these places should have a wife creche?? Me? I just take the camera and take random photos of things, eh, viola.....

So back to the Lottie and there were more people, great to see.

Andrew made me a picture window frame for the shed but I haven't painted it yet, so no photo. I brushed down that wonderful horse shoe we unearthed in the last bed we dug. It was heartbreaking to have to paint it, but the rust was very bad and we want it to last for a while ~ it's important to have as much luck on the Lottie as possible.

Then, whilst I (finally) weeded and improved the soil in my flower bed Andrew gathered a few wheelbarrows of cow poo for our Plot. You just give Bill a monetary token for the delivery costs and take what you need. Here is our wonderfully stinky, very steamy cow muck.


  1. Yes - my husband is just the same about timber yards! But considering what your Andy did with the fruit arch, it does figure really.

    Your pictures of the wood and the washers look rather like modern art...

    Love the muck heap under its snug blue blanket!

  2. I can totally relate to men in timber yards because that's exactly how I feel when I go in to anywhere that sells timber, nail, screw etc. I have always done my own decorating and DIY (not having a handy hubbie !) so I love those places, and I love wood, the smell of it, the grain, the colour, LOVELY !!

  3. You're post-processing on your photos has really come on!

    I haven't seen the fruit arch yet - I will have to try and find the photos of that....

    Hubby doesn't do much DIY......I wish he was excited by wood!


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