Sunday, 1 March 2009

Evil Tesco??

John at 'Allotment Growing Diary Plus' has just finished reading a fascinating factual book about the dominance of Tesco. In fact he seems to agree with me ~ they are taking over the world!! It's a good article and thought provoking too, he even has a link to amazon so you can buy your own copy, if you are that way inclined.......


  1. Well yes, I do agree, but I'm almost as concerned at the dominance of Amazon, to be honest...

  2. I agree with whatever that book says!! Big supermarkets make me seeth with anger when I see what they have done to the environment, the farmers, the quality of fresh produce. I am giving up supermarkets for Lent! just storecupboards and markets for the next 40 days for me!

  3. French supermarkets aren't as dominant ..... yet but already in the short time we have lived here we have seen several small shops close, not doubt losing out to supermarkets. Markets are still strong here though and long may the boulangerie survive.

    Rosie x

  4. EB - That is so true!! Amazon, is almost as bad! Though I do so love it.

    Matron - Wow, off evil supermarkets for Lent, good for you! I never have the will power to do anything for Lent, but this is a worthy endeavour, best of luck xx

    Eco Gites - Not one Tesco Metro in sight?!!, I love that. The markets in Europe proper are wonderful, it's the same in Belgium and Spain - lovely produce, fresh and even mucky, wonderful. We have that here on a Friday morning in Belfast once a week - wick in comparision!


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