Thursday, 26 March 2009


One extra story for you today....

I received a phone call from Katie at 'Mind', a charity based in England and Wales which tries to promote good mental health and remove stigma associated with depression etc. I am now a Media Volunteer for them! That means that my story is on their data base and journalists looking for a certain person for an article can contact me, if I fit the bill. My specialism will be Ecotherapy and there is already a journalist thinking of using me for a national magazine, eek!

Here, in Northern Ireland we are extremely under serviced when it comes to mental health charities. There is 1 called Aware Defeat Depression, but they only provide leaflets, self- help tapes and group talks. I have been to 2 meetings in the past and god help them, they are trying but just can't compete with large charities like 'Mind'.

Katie was lovely and is passionate about Ecotherapy herself. She was nice to talk to and told me all about the wonderful work they are doing over there. A recent grant from the Lottery Fund of £8 Million and a whopping £18 million from Comic Relief with the added backing of celebrities such as Stephen Fry (Love him) and Ruby Wax. It is unfortunate that it only works in England and Wales but still....Looking forward to working with them and making my little voice , praising Ecotherapy sound much louder and reach more people.


  1. Well done Carrie

    Do please feel free to advise Mind that I'd be more than happy to arrange forum areas on - particularly for Ecotherapy. These can be private if they wish but I feel sure that visible to all registered users would be preferable since folks can get real, practical gardening help/advice to see them through the strenuous times.

  2. Go Carrie!
    If you can get the essence of your blog into articles you will come over very well - let us know when to look out for you.

  3. WG - I told Katie about and the support you had all given me! When we talk again I will mention your offer of private areas for people too. She did seem to know about the site though.

    allot of veg - thank you for your support, I need it - bit scared! x

  4. You did great dearie :) Let me know how it goes!!!! :D :D


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