Friday, 19 December 2008

The Soup of our Labour

Here are the ingredients for the joyous Lottie Soup we had at the start of the week. Made entirely from Lottie grown produce - Frugal, Warming, very Tasty, not to mention Healthy. You can't go wrong.

3 Small Leeks (Musselburgh)
2 Cabbages (Greyhound)
12 Baby Carrots (Early Nantes 5)
12 Scallions (White Lisbon)
BIG handful of Parsley (Plain leaved 2)
A few Cloves of Smoked Garlic (courtesy of 'WG')

Andrew's secret ingredient ~ Ras el Hanout
(Salt & Pepper to your own tastes)

The other pure joy of this Lottie Soup was all the ingredients get bunged in at the same time and it makes enough for 2 people for 2 nights! Plus, the 2nd night, it tastes even better!!! We had ours with lovely N. Irish Wheaten Bread but I suppose you could have white Crusty Bread/Baguettes etc. It's up to you, (but personally Wheaten is the way to go...)

It was a real joy to eat and was made all the better by knowing to produce was all Lottie stuff! Hoorah for Allomenteering, it totally ROCKS.


  1. mmm sounds delicious...i shall have to make an attempt at this with ingredients from one of the big three evil supermarkets (if i can't make it to the greengrocer that is).

  2. Thanks for the comment! Do try it, so good, though it does improve in flavour when someone makes it for you, hehe. x

  3. Glad you liked the smoked garlic Carrie



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