Thursday, 18 December 2008

Mamma G's got 'Grow Our Own' Fever!

I regret to inform you that there was no noseying about on Saturday at other people's plots ~ it was just to bloomin' cold. Maggie had to be taken back up to the car because she just couldn't take the cold winds and we didn't last a great period of time ourselves at good old A24a.

What we did do though was head round to Mamma G's house. She too has been bitten by the Grow Our Own bug and we had decided to make a kitchen garden for her. Very green fingered, Mamma G has grown many types of fruit and vegetables in the past and even had her own Greenhouse for a long time. In recent years she had been growing Strawberries, Herbs, Beans, Apples and Tomatoes (including a variety called Shirley which is her 'real' name) with great aplomb. Now, however it is time to take this a step further.

The patio area has been as such for 20 odd years, so the soil needs some tender loving care to bring it back to it's virile self. Also a very large tree (which I mentioned in reference to it's leaves in the bloggette 'Composting - we LOVE it', 6th November) has just been cut down, as it was ill and now the garden has more light and it's time for a change.

So we cut back some overgrown shrubs and lifted concrete slabs to create 4 nice planting areas, which will eventually be edged and raised in wood. It's yet another exciting wee project for us to get our teeth into and we can do seed swaps etc. I'll let you know how it goes.

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