Monday, 15 December 2008


Christmas started early for me on Saturday when I received a bubble envelope in the post. I love getting those so much I can't tell you. Inside was a wonderful gift from my friend 'WG' at : - Smoked Garlic, Smoked Shallots and Smoked Garlic Salt. What a smell; gorgeous! and large cloves too. We have already used some Smoked Garlic cloves in a wonderful Lottie Soup that I'll tell you about later and it was beautiful. A strong smell, yes, but a subtle flavour that is so different from the somewhat acrid taste of normal Garlic (which admittedly I also like). So a Big Thank You to 'WG', you should check out his forum if you are anyway Gardening and Allotmenteering inclined; so many topics covered and the friendliest people.

Then, Lo and Behold, today I received another Bubble envelope package. The Postman must think me very popular. This one was my 'Secret Santa' present from ? (I think I know...) The whole thing was organised by before I even joined, yet I got a pressie too! How sweet was that. Usually I am really 'good' at keeping presents until the big day itself, but I had the worse day ever yesterday and last night with depression that I needed a wee cheer up. Inside was this....

A lovely little Card, a thick plastic zip lock bag (for seeds maybe? or holiday security checks?), some Stress Busting smelly Salve (which I am covered in at the moment!) and a lovely big key ring. These little gifts had obviously been chosen especially with me in mind; isn't it nice to feel loved?!

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