Friday, 19 December 2008

Focus on ...Mulled Wine ~ yum (in moderation)

Yes, I know, we don't have Grapes growing at A24a and indeed I don't believe anyone does at the Allotment Gardens - however, if we did (and you may), this would be the only thing to do at Christmas ~ Mulled Red Wine.

I have recently enjoyed a glass (just the 1 mind) at the wonderful Contential Market held in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. And, oh my! Andrew had the Mulled Cider (which come to think of it we could do one year with our Apple Tree, uummm) and another friend had White Mulled Wine, which I never even thought existed.

It may interest you to know that 'mulled' merely means warmed and spicy and originated in the colder climes were it's cockle warming proprieties where most appreciated. It is, I have heard, so old that the 1st known name for it was something similar to the word Hippocrates (the ancient Dr)because it was considered healthy and better for you than the (dirty) water of the period.

There is, of course, a write up on Mulled wine and the different types and names for it around the world on However, there really isn't time for that, is there? Let's get down to the making of the stuff.

I have chosen Delia Smith's version from,907,RC.html rather than the one I have from Nigella Lawson's book ' How to be a Domestic Goddess' which has Earl Grey Tea in it and therefore sounds gross to me.

I urge you to click the link and make and enjoy!

The photo I have chosen to decorate this bloggette sadly is not my own - I haven't made mine yet - it comes straight from the Delia website. God Bless her! And "God bless us, every one!"(Tiny Tim)

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