Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Planting the Raspberries

First thing I did when we got to the lottie on Saturday was check my baby Broad Bean seedlings - oh, they look great - don't they look great! I think they look great.

Andrew and Maggie were a little less excited than myself - can't understand why. I think Maggie was just plain COLD and Andrew was busy doing 'manly' stuff: we had a leaky window seal - so he fixed it - just like that, fixed.

Then we got down to work - well, Andrew did, planting the Raspberry canes. I flitted about looking at stuff growing and taking the usual million photos of everything that doesn't move. As the Hubby prepared the ground etc., I was over the moon to see that, finally our Garlic had begun to sprout, it took a little bit of staring like a mad woman before I saw the glorious shoots through my cat barrier of bramble twigs, but when I saw them I let out a little yelp of joy. In amongst all this dying back and end-of-harvesting, it is great to see new life. Also, through the poly-tunnels I can see little baby carrots doing well, scallions doing brilliantly and in the other tunnel I harvested about 5 nice lettuces.

But back to Andrew and his 'Joan J' exploits. The ground here had been well prepared over the last month and Andrew only needed to dig out a nice big trench for the canes. The soil was lovely. He carefully pulled apart the roots of the 6 canes from each other and laid them down roughly where they were to be planted. Then a short 'looking' break. Happy with placement, they were planted, watered, the tops cut back and a lovely layer of mulch put over the top. Eh, viola, the permanent bed is shameful no longer! I have high expectations for these girls - I want fruit galore - my inner Domestic Goddess wishes to make her own jam (and therefore become a 'real' woman/allotmenteer). Fingers crossed everyone.

Also, don't forget, in time.....(open this pic up)

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