Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Bargains

This whole credit crunch thing has its good points you know. At the weekend Andrew and I got a whole load of stuff for the Lottie, with Christmas money from my 2 Aunties. My Hubby has been planning an Apple Arch for a long time now and we bought 2 lovely trees and 3 arches all at a bargain price. (I'll tell you about the arch tomorrow...)

We have also become quite obsessed by Raspberries. After putting all those Autumn fruiting ('Joan J') ones into the permanent bed recently we decided that more Summer ones would be good too. (We like Raspberries.) In Homebase they were selling 3 pots for £10! There are 3 good, just potted up stems, in each pot = 9 Raspberry plants for £10! Good eh?

2 pots of 'Glen Clova' and 1 of 'Tulameen' ~ these names mean nothing to me yet but I will get round to looking them up. I just hope we get fruit some day and I can get to making jam (its quite an achievable dream, surely).

Then we drove up the road a little, to a nursery (mainly for a coffee and wee bun in their nice cafe) and managed to get these lovely blackcurrant bushes at a humble £1 each. You just couldn't shake a stick at that now, could you?

The one on the left is a 'Ben Lomond' and on the right is a 'Baldwin', Fingers crossed our bargains don't turn out to be a false economy.

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