Friday, 12 December 2008

Ice Cold

No 'Focus on...' for the moment, maybe later, though I'm not making promises. I am feeling a bit better today but didn't sleep well and have chest pains - not so good. I need to rest today I think.

Anyway; exciting! I got to have a sneaky trip to the Lottie yesterday at lunch time. I don't know how much we're going to manage to get done this weekend down there, as my weather forecaster icon here says rain and much coldness are still to come. Eek! I wasn't built for this climate!!

So, it was nice to see the Lottie yesterday for that brief moment. She was looking good, apart from some sad looking Cabbages which obviously haven't enjoyed the recent weather and freezing cold nights. Do you blame them? But the most fun thing was seeing the water on the plot totally frozen solid. This is our bucket, that was sitting under the water butt ~ to catch any drips.

Maggie's drinking bowl had also completely frozen, into a block of ice.....

Then there were the much talked about paths. This actually looked pretty with all this swirling, frozen puddles and the ground was rock hard for a change. I suppose the weather can be both our friend and enemy at the same time!

I do have other bits and bobs I can tell you but I am aware of the weather and would like to be able to blog away next week too. So...big hugs and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi Carrie, I hope you get a better sleep tonight. At least you were up to blogging which is a good sign. I have just been given some extra space on my plot (see my blog) so it's been a great day for me. I have added a new recipe as well. Did you try the beetroot one yet ? have a good weekend with your man and Maggie.

  2. I forgot to say check out my new playlist I added on my blog ( turn your sound up as it starts automatically)you can turn it off or down if you hate the music !! you might like to add one to yours.

  3. That ice has an artistic quality

  4. I'm so excited for you Maureen, MORE space = more happiness. Haven't tried your lovely sounding recipes yet - our beetroot isn't really doing that great in this weather.

    Darwen ~ I know, it was so beautiful. Thanks for leaving a comment!


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