Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Adventures of Carrie

So to more of Saturday.

I dandered off on my rounds of moseying around other peoples plots. Of course I took the camera and made my way over to Field B, as I missed it out last week. On the way I noticed this excellent little cabbage patch, James' flourishing green manure and Bobby's Adorable shed and water butts etc all painted and looking lovely.

Into Field B then and what should I see but Uncle Jim's Greenhouse, broken, dead, in a pile on the floor - R.I.P. The storms during the week had sent it on a holiday across the plots before ending its short life. I don't think it ever even got to grow anything within it. Sad.

Elsewhere, things were looking quite good (if you know where to look, that is). Donald/Douglas (only joking!) has an insect hotel (5* if you ask me) and I went over to take a picture. Very inspiring, I hope he gets the array of helpful friends he is accommodating for and that frog he wants so much. It's an adorable set up, don't you agree?

This is pretty much my favourite shed on the whole site. It belongs to Ricky and he built it himself. It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie or something and I love those over sized roof tiles. I think it may even have a little stove inside, going by the chimney. I just love it and its little picket fence panels.
Elsewhere there was evidence of fresh soil cultivation, plot tidy ups and last-of-the-season crops. Even the died back corn stalks looked pretty in the late afternoon light.

On the way back to our own Lottie I fell. Yes, me, who goes on and on about being safe and taking it slow on the mucky paths. I fell. Luckily, it was only one leg that went from under me but boy was it a shock and the cold wet mud was stinky and took ages to dry in the cold, damp day. Something in it smelt great to Maggie though, she ran over to me and couldn't stop sniffing my knee and even licked it!
Anyway, back at good old A24a (and after a coffee, de-caff) Andrew and I decided the time had come to tackle the old turf stack and to get our harvest in - but that's for tomorrow.....


  1. I want that shed! Do you think they'd miss it?

  2. Gosh you've been busy. I think digging in the fresh air is mightily good for the sytem!

  3. Great work Carrie, my Rasberries went in around april they were given to me from someone giving up a spare plot,they were young canes and I had loads of fruit late summer/early autumn. I liked the photo's around the allotments and love Ricky's shed. I hope you don't get to bad a bruise on that knee.
    PS. I also love Maggies jacket so cool !

  4. Naughty, naughty Wayne! Yeah I think they might miss it. They have placed themselves very statgetically on the field as well, as far away from the gates as you can get. They won't make it easy for you.

  5. I totally agree about the fresh air!

  6. I like the sound of 'loads of fruit' Maureen. That's exactly what I'm looking for!!!

    Maggie is just so stylish, no? I don't think she even realises, hehe.


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