Monday, 1 December 2008

A special delivery

On Friday past (28th Nov) Andrew was home for lunch in between appointments. It was rather good timing as we got our long awaited for delivery of Raspberry canes from Dobies of Devon. Only the 2nd thing we have ordered off the Internet for our beloved lottie. I have the wonderful unfolding of the event captured for your viewing pleasure....

They are bloomin' great looking plants (variety 'Joan J' and are therefore Autumn fruiting) and tomorrow, when I talk about what work we did at the Lottie on Saturday, I can show you them in their new home as well. Raspberries (and blueberries and cherries) are my favourites, so I have high hopes for these 6 fellows : fruit, jam, cakes - yummy.

The bag they came in will also be recycled into our next potato crop bag ~ we just finished the last of our 'Maris Pipers' from August on Saturday, I'm quite sad about that.

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