Monday, 8 December 2008

Sunnybank and the cold

The 1st Saturday of a new month a very cold and frosty day - December, wick.

We decided to visit the Sunnybank Nursery on our way to the Lottie. We have many ideas my friends and wanted to check out what was about. I took some photos while Andrew dandered (he knew what we were looking for better than I did). It was kind of Christmas-tree-buying weekend, I'm allergic so we weren't tempted. The arguments that could be heard from families trying to pick the 'best one' were funny though.

On our way out we were stopped by one of the staff who had recognised Andrew and wanted to give a response to an e-mail he had recently written to them. How friendly are they???! It seems we'd be better off getting our asparagus mail order, especially with us wanting about 10 crowns, but they are trying to get in bare root, maiden fruit trees; we just need to wait a little longer until they get info back from their suppliers. It is lovely having a small, very local nursery right by the Allotments. Hoorah for Sunnybank.

When we got to the car park of the Lottie, it was wonderful to see a brand new shed, right up at that end of Field C. Check out the map - I think it was 22(b). And the little Apple trees that were planted by the Council (and volunteers) 2 weeks ago; they're old traditional varieties from Northern Ireland too. So that was a nice sight to welcome us. Though (here I go moaning again) the path did somewhat take the look off the place and Maggie had to be carried down, not that she minded I'm sure.

On our little plot we instantly got ourselves set up with the kettle on and a makeshift bean bag for Maggie to sit on. She got a chill last week from sitting on the ground - not this time! I got the bag of paper shreddings and her blanket and viola! a lovely lounging chair. She seemed to like it, though when I took this pic, she was a little unsure of her footing.

There was hardly a soul around, okay it was literally freezing but the sky was so blue and there is work to be done people.We heard later that day, that the first robbery had happened on the site. Very upsetting, especially when it seems the person was caught out and it was one of our own. I truly feel upset, this was so unexpected. I have hopes that our Committee will deal with this in a strict, no nonsense way - it cannot be tolerated.


  1. I love heritage apple trees and I'm so glad you planted NI varieties at your lottie :)

  2. Me too. The Council really did us proud on this! It's a real shame I'd never heard the names of any of them before. Here's hoping they do well.


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