Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bargains and Bins

We were in evil Tesco* last night for a few essentials (ha!, how I smirked at their sorry excuses for Parsnips) and Andrew spotted a bargain, he just could not pass up. Hellebores for 20p! There were 4 of them and we took the lot, even the tray they were sitting in. They're great wee plants, nothing wrong with them at all, just dying of thirst. I think that just because they say 'Christmas Rose' on them, they're being reduced along with all the other Christmas-y stuff. Well, Hoorah and Merry Chrimbo!

I think I've managed to secure at least a couple for my flower bed at the Lottie, fingers crossed.

Anyway, back to Saturday and the hard labour we put in. The turf stack - it's gone! It took a couple of hours to get it all dug up and riddled but the sore legs and back were definitely worth it. We seem to have so much more room now and plenty of beautiful free top soil on our beds.

The holy trinity of compost bins has been moved over and now the boundary between us and our neighbours (remember we only have a half plot) is very clearly defined the whole length of the Lottie. Hey, good fences make good neighbours and all that.

There are loads of lovely worms from under that stack so the compost will be a joy to their little hearts. Andrew lifted the bins over and took the opportunity to turn the contents over. Now we're going to have another little thin bed down there, I think we've decided to put summer fruiting raspberries in it - we'll make the best of it, for sure.
Apart from that we cleared the 1st bed on the left of its lettuces, baby carrots (which weren't coping with this weather at all and were extremely tiny) and scallions. Then filled it with lovely top soil. But I'll talk about harvest baskets tomorrow...

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