Thursday, 2 October 2008

Life imitates nature

Today was a BAD day, if I wasn't asleep with meds, I literally had the blanket over my head - I could not cope. I had thoughts I hadn't experienced in quite a while.

When I had to take care of Maggie's needs (ie. let her out for the toilet) I watched our young silver birch tree really straining against the wind, it was getting to gale-like proportions. I thought of how similar we were, I know it sounds weird being like a tree, but hear me out. This tree has had a hard life, it didn't have a good start in life, though we did our best, it just wasn't in the right conditions. Then it was moved, fed better and got more light and room to move about (de-staked; it didn't grow legs!)

Although happy now and growing away, it looked so vulnerable today. It was bending so much in the wind, completely battered and I thought it was going to break. At the same time, I just had a feeling it would be okay, I knew it had good strong, deep roots and people who cared and would take care of it.

Do I need to more explict or is the metaphor also clear to you?

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, tonight it is already.

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