Friday, 3 October 2008

Soylent Green?!!!

I'm feeling a bit better today and to celebrate the sun has come out (with the hailstones).

This morning we also had a delivery, the 1st thing we have ever ordered for the Plot off the Internet! Our Garlic bulbs arrived, exciting and the contents look good, they're 'Solent Wight' (not 'Soylent Green' - don't worry, it just reminds of that, the name, not that it looks like it! Getting myself in a pickle here). Again, never grown it before so a new wee adventure begins. They are going in the permanent bed I think and will no doubt be planted as soon as Andrew can get there. Which means today I should think.

I forgot to mention that we were at the lottie last night, at about 6. I suppose I was too sick to care, it was very cold and very windy but Andrew thought it might clear my head. It only succeeded in making my nose run a lot and made me feel very hungry - I had Apple Pie in a local restaurant forthwith, for dinner!

Anyway, the other reason we went down was to do a little composting. Andrew picked up this bag of paper shreddings from work and wanted to get it down there, more to get the big hulk of a thing out of the house than anything. He was swamped by it and carrying that much shredded paper from the car park to the shed was hard work. He looks like a very wick Santa Claus. "Shredded paper or grass clipping children, have you been good this year?"

Even in the wind tunnel that is our field, he was determined and the venture went ahead as planned; some did manage to get into the bin - honest!

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