Thursday, 30 October 2008

Gardening Books

It's a lovely day today, very cold but quite bright. However, the kids (who are off school) are also finding that the weather suits them down to the ground as well. Hence they are outside doing what 3 brothers and their friends do best - making a lot of noise and arguing with each other. So, I'm inside; my nerves are fragile (as they used to say in Jane Austin's time).

So instead of being out there I'm in here with my books about out there. Makes sense? Andrew bought some 2nd hand gardening books yesterday (books are our downfall, oh and chocolate and red wine) and I am looking through them. One in particular has me gripped, its 'The Pocket Garden Troubles Expert' by Dr. D.G. Hessayon and it's pretty icky. Loads of photos and pictures of maggots and aphids and all sorts of diseases. Gross, but like road kill - I can't stop looking. It's a great wee book and one that we'll get a lot of use out of for years to come - that £1 fee will be worth it! I looked it up on Amazon and it's currently unavailable, but there are some 'used and new ones' for sale on the site. Starting from £0.01!!!!!! Ridiculous

I really like Dr, D.G. Hessayon's books, there are loads of them, about every aspect of gardening and they all say 'Expert' on them for a reason, is far as I can tell. I love Mr Titchmarsh (that's why we called our ironic gnome Alan - actually he's Alan II, the first one had a terrible, fatal accident) but sometimes you just want a good old fashioned encyclopedia of all things leafy, fruity, grassy and flowery etc. Alan is like asking a trusted friend for advice - the Dr, well it's like asking a Doctor for advice. I'm not making much sense am I. Time to lie down and look at more gross pictures, my brain is fried.

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