Friday, 17 October 2008


Last night I watched River Cottage Autumn which I think is a great programme, with a lot packed into each episode so far. I was particularly interested in the segment about Beetroot, my new favourite vegetable. Hugh quite rightly pointed out the same issue as I have discussed in the past - Pickled Beetroot is evil and ruins the discovery, the glory of tasty fresh beetroot.

He did mention some of its benefits to the body but unfortunately my memory isn't that good, so I have spent a little while looking up info in this most humble yet wonderful veg. The following facts come from
Believe me, there are many more..

Beetroot is rich in magnesium, iron, antioxidants, Vitamin C (in the root) and A (in the leaves) and fibre - yet contains no fat and hardly any calories, hoorah! A superfood indeed. It also has been linked to those most wondrous of foods - the Aphrodisiacs and there is evidence of reverence to it on the brothel walls of Pompeii - worth a try anyway, haha. It is also a laxative and can help lower blood pressure. Unfortunately it can also be seen as a cure all and recently was prescribed by the South African Health Minister (Dr. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang) as a treatment for AIDS, over 'toxic' anti-retroviral AIDS medicines. (Not too sure about that one)

Lastly (for me anyway, the websites are bursting with loads of info on history, biology and recipes galore), I was pleased to read that I am not a freak and Beeturia (or Pink pee to you and me) is quite common in relation to the digestion of beetroot; about 10-14% of people have this - I'm one of them and I can tell you, it's a little unnerving the 1st time you notice it.

I give you the Beetroot, ladies and gentlemen. Grow, harvest, eat and enjoy.

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