Thursday, 2 October 2008

Mamma G

Dinner last night was lovely. Mamma G was over as I said and we had champ and sausages - comfort food. I was so sleepy the rest of the evening.

Mamma told me that that radish, the purple one, was gorgeous, sweet rather than peppery. A new breed of radish?! Could that have made me my fortune? Darn it. Lost forever.....

We also discussed the idea of her own little 'allotment' out the back were the patio is. A pottage/kitchen garden of 4 small raised squares. We all think it's a great idea; she has done all this allotment-y stuff before and has green fingers, so why not? Keep you posted on that, Andrew and I will be organising it for her - more lovely digging!!! In return I'm hoping we get a ready supply of apple tarts from her own apple trees, okay Mamma? Oh and I changed my profile pic for you, hope you think this one is nicer.

Well, the sky is bright blue at the moment and I am determined wee Maggie should get a quick walk, if it kills me. So better go quick, Mother Nature really has had it in for me recently, there's probably a large grey cloud waiting for me over the house.


  1. Hi ,should be apple tarts by weekend!!! stripped the last of the trees today. Thank you both so much for lovely dinner. Mamma G xx

  2. thank you, can't wait for apple pie, it really is your thing! Come to dinner again, don't wait so long! Big love x


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