Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Nosey-ing around

I'm waiting for a phone call, I've been waiting for 2 hours already and I need to do something to keep me occupied, or distracted more like.

I'll tell you about the dander we took around the fields before we came home that Saturday afternoon. When there's no one else there, it's too tempting to have a good nosey at other plots, especially for me - I don't have to make small talk to people and Saturday had been fun but the old self-esteem wasn't exactly overflowing.
I forgot my camera when we dandered round our own Field (A) but ran back for it when I learnt we were venturing into Field B. It's not often we go in to the other fields, we generally have work to keep us going and lots of friendly neighbours, who act as great distractions (eh Andrew?!) My first thought on Field B was how poor their drainage is. It's worse than ours; you just sink into the ground (and I can't afford that, I'm only 5ft 1 to begin with) and there's that sucking sound when you pull your welly back out.

A couple of people have put in their own drainage systems, done very professionally and under ground level over to the shuck. It really seems to have paid off, but if the land around you is soaking, it's got to be disheartening. As we walked on there was the unmistakable smell of glorious cow poo again, (another big pile in this field) and I saw some plots that obviously get a lot of time spent on them. On the way out we met Ricky. He has a fantastic set up way over the far side of B, with the cutest shed ever - he had his guitar with him and was off over to the shed for a sing-a-long with friends round the fire pit. He invited us over but the rain had started again and remember we stunk of cow poo! We gracefully declined this time round. (We heard them later, on the wind as we walked back to collect our stuff before going home). It sounds so odd, but it is nice to put a face to a plot.

We walked back to A via Field C, even though it was raining, when you're soaked already, what does it really matter? We saw the last of the Blackberries (not very good this year) and some beautiful, shiny rose hips. (And NO, I did not make Alys' rose hip tea off GW, it looked stinky - to make and to drink!)

Field C is pretty impressive all round. There are only a few plots were not much is happening but the rest really do same to get care. I confess, I don't take the time to give it a good looking at, though we pass through it every time we go down to our plot. My mind must be on other things - either 'I want to get to my lottie' or 'I want to go home, now'. I don't know whose these plants belong to, but whatever they are going in Field C it is working! Magic green fingers, ahoy! These were truly the biggest cabbages and beetroots ever. And they didn't seem to have any real pest damage. Well done you, however you are.

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