Thursday, 23 October 2008

Update on Maggie

We visited the vets this morning and Maggie got the all clear! Her wee bunty is healing up well. Back home she had a bath and has just been her usual lounging-about self. But with that glint in her eyes again. It will take a couple more days before she is eating properly but she certainly has a heck of a lot more bounce to her step. Hoorah!

I on the other hand want to hide under a blanket today. The weather is horrendous, so dull windy and raining hard all the time. I can't even get out for a walk or go into the back garden - I already have the beginnings of yet another cold coming. I can't get warm today at all. I was comforted by the left over Pumpkin (and OUR runner beans) Risotto which Andrew kindly left me.

See you tomorrow for a 'Focus on Garlic'.
Oh and don't forget River Cottage Autumn is on Channel 4 tonight. Brill.


  1. Hi Toms!

    I'm so pleased to hear that your lovely doggie Maggie is well and truly on the mend. I hope she's soon back to her usual self.

    I hope you feel a lot better soon, too. Keep yourself wrapped up and cosy. I know what you mean about not being able to warm up - my fingers are like icicles today...

    Your blog, as ever, is amazing. I'm looking forward to reading about the garlic!

    Healing vibes to you. Take care. Tatsoi

  2. Thank you Tatsoi, for your lovely words (and for just getting in touch again)!
    Maggie is a wee trooper alright, still not eating much which isn't great but she does get some cheese morning and night (with her tablets hidden inside) which she LOVES!
    Someone else who's cold. It's right into my bones, I feel I'll never be warm again!!!!!
    Hope all is as well as can be xo


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