Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ripe for the eating

Again, back to Monday.

The main carrot crop was lifted, they are so good, we've been eating them all week. On the whole the crop was very good indeed, especially for the first time in a freshly dug raised bed - they say newly created plots often produce only forked carrots. But most of ours were wonderful specimens if I do say so myself. No prizes for their girth or length but very tasty. We did have a laugh at these 2 (on the right) and last night I had to peel them?! Luckily the new babies are growing very well and we should have more for Christmas dinner, yum.

Another exciting event was the full riping of our last 2 apples - 'Elstar'. For the first time I got to eat one of our own apples, straight off the tree, warm from the sun and dripping with juice - it was running down my sleeve at one point. They were lovely, and required a quiet moment on the bench to truly appreciate them. Elstar's, I was pleased to find out, are a little like Brae Burn apples only in our case, sweeter and as I said juicier than any I have had before. So now we know (please remember patience is a virtue Andrew) that they take a while to get to their best, all those other ones Andrew picked in the past were stinky.

Lastly, I noticed these lettuces in Field B. I had never seen blotted lettuce before - they're really quite sculptural and wouldn't look out of place in a flower border, which is where I'll be growing lettuce from now on . However, I think these may be a little over-ripe for the eating. Better luck next time.

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