Thursday, 16 October 2008

Cabbages and Caterpillars

Fluency evades my fingertips - I have been (and still am) in the throes of a panic attack today. I've been doing so well the past few days that it seems to hurt me all the more and the sun is out too. Forgive my ramblings but I need to occupy myself with something and blogging is what I have chosen; the TV is too annoying and I can't think well enough to read - housework?, well it can go to hell.

So, when we got home from our wonderful wedding trip to Leuven, Andrew took a couple of days off. We, of course, went straight to the plot at the earliest convenience. Damn Caterpillars had been at it again while we were away. Our lovely young cabbages had been attacked; well the battle had begun but I think we'll win the war! Both the Pak Choi and the Cabbages had some damage, only a little but the culprits were there and look what can happen....
The one on the right isn't ours (they have yet to get anywhere near that size), but that of another tenant in our field; it's just been destroyed.
I have no mercy now when it's between us and them - we grew the food, it's ours, therefore I shall not put up with caterpillars (except those on 'chrysalis watch') or indeed slugs anymore! War has been declared. And thus after the blighters had been picked and squished by Andrew I also added slug pellets - tactics; prevention is the key.
As for 'Chrysalis Watch', well, I'm afraid we have lost 'too', he's gone. However that pain soon died when I discovered 4 new ones in the shed. They are different than the first two, in that they were green, these are black and yellow. Some of them are still there but believe me, they are going - I have a phobia of butterflies for goodness sake and don't want a whole load of them attacking me one day when I open the shed up. So from now on it will just be the one, the original Chrysalis that gets to live and be appreciated. I did take a photo but to be honest it looks exactly the same as the last one I took - I'm beginning to think this isn't a interesting sideline at all!

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