Friday, 24 October 2008

Back Garden

The sun is shinning and I thought I'd go out and tidy the back garden a bit. Maggie came with me and guarded the leaves as I bushed them up, bless her. The colours are, of course, beautiful and this period passes a little too quickly. Or it could be the fact that we hardly get out to appreciate the trees at the moment because of the terrible weather? That's a rhetorical question by the way.

I was feeling a bit better doing some work outside but then the blasted kids - who are off school now for Halloween, started playing up. (Our house is close to quite a few schools.) The one thing that finally put paid to my time out there (and Maggie's) was the setting off of Fireworks. Why?!! Why?, I ask do children insist on lighting them when it is the middle of the day - they can't see the display and all we get is the noise, which SCARES MY DOG. I do like the odd fireworks show and would never want them to be stopped (our Council does them, making great use of the Norman Castle by the seafront - lovely) but these kids are just silly. Rant over.

Now we're inside again, not that Maggie seems to mind, as she's gone straight to sleep. She is so much better today, we spent ages playing this morning and I was so pleased to see her full of excitement and vigour again. She also ran up and down the stairs about 15 times, as fast as possible (exhausting just to watch!) and ate a good portion of her lunch. Hoorah. Me, I am better than I have been for about a week - long may it last!!!

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