Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Are you a GOOF?

Are you are a GOOF? By that I mean are you a Grow Our Own Follower?!!

I have been very ill with the flu and migraines etc (doesn't help the depression) and it's great to be back. I've noticed a little hardcore group who have been looking at the site whilst I was away and to be honest, it makes me feel good that someone is interested and there isn't much that has that effect on me. So thank you GOOFs!

Big hugs


  1. Yes I'm a GOOF'er! I love your blog and look in most days (sometimes twice!!). I also have an allotment in sunny (well sometimes) Bristol. So glad to hear your feeling better. Like you my plot also lifts my mood. I hate not being able to pop up on an evening after work now the winter nights are pulling in. I just try to make the most of the weekends (weather permitting).

    So keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards

  2. Hannah, you angel!

    Thanks for your message you GOOF! The plot really does have a positive affect on my life and generally on that of everyone I have soken to on the subject. Who would have thought soil and seeds could be a recipe for happiness. I too dread the winter, the dark evenings are so depressing, I just hope that planning for the future will help, and blogging too!


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