Monday, 20 October 2008

First Leek and Parsnip harvests

After much weeding and tidying up on the plot on Saturday I got bored. Thus the 1st Leek was harvested - just because I wanted to. I wouldn't have won any prizes for its size, I didn't give it a chance, but it was beautifully formed and smelt very Leek-y. Sorry I can't give you the name of it - I've gone and lost my bit of paper with all the names of everything!! 'Carlton F1' sounds about right, but I'll try and find out for sure; 'Musselburgh' also rings a bell.....

**Okay, it's a few hours later now - Maggie had to go to the vets for an emergency, poor darling as had an anal gland abscess that burst, she never makes a sound, never plays up, so you don't know about these things till they've happened. She'll be okay though.**

I have found out now that it was/is Musselburgh', Andrew has admitted that he took my list and now it's gone. Hummmph.

Well, after I lifted something new, Andrew had to too. He has wanted to lift a Parsnip for ages and so he got his wish. Within an hour we had the tasty-est of dinners; mashed potato and parsnip with leek - kind of like a very bastardised champ. It was so good, and very comforting to eat. I did take a photo of it but it doesn't do it justice, you'll just have to grow your own and make it yourself!


  1. hey, love the blog, but then you know that! I must find out what those parsnips were...

  2. Hubby dearest - you will have to just learn to leave my stuff alone!


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