Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I'm angry!!!!!

Yes, I'm angry and i don't do anger very well at all - it's not good for my high blood pressure. But damn it (yes i swore) I just went out and bought the local paper (for 85p) to find that our glorious Allotment Opening Day was reduced to a mere page of photos. This you may think doesn't sound bad, and to a certain extent it isn't; many groups held open days and fundraisers over the past week it seems, therefore a page of photos dedicated to Eden Allotments is good. BUT not when you see it.....It's all photos of kids with their (albeit cute) faces painted and not 1 photo of an allotment, not even a single vegetable or piece of fruit in sight. The wonderful red ribbon cutting I spoke of is not even captured (thank goodness you have me on hand at these things).

Okay so I know there are terrible, heartbreaking wars and famines and unspeakable acts inhumanity going on everywhere as I write/as you read, but this was important to me.

For the last 10 years (actually my whole life in varying degrees) I have suffered chronic depression, anxiety and a severe lack of self-esteem. I am crippled by it. The Allotments have been a quite literal life saver. We all know about the wonderful advantages of being out in the open air, watching our own produce grow and meeting like minded people (dare i say friends) not to mention the benefits to body and purse in growing and eating one's own fruit and veg. But do not underestimate the profound benefits a scheme like this has on mental well being. I'm nervous going down there but I am proud of what we have achieved and the in roads I personally have made. I want people to know more about the Allotments and to benefit, in whatever ways, from them. I just know I have. Okay maybe my cup overflowth, i just wish the local rag felt the same as me, even a wee bit.

Rant over. I feel better now......

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