Thursday, 28 August 2008


I think now would be a good time to mention our little row of beetroots. There's only 3 left, so I took photos of them last night in situ before we eat them all. I was extremely wary when we bought our 'Boltardy' seeds, you see to me Beetroot is that stinky pickled stuff in jars that comes out on special family dinners, especailly Christmas, and it sits there (sometimes crinkle cut) beside the pickled other stuff and it all smells. It smells bad and everyone else loves it and puts it on their plate and you have to pass it round and the smell is everywhere!!

(By the way, that's our own potatoes, runner beans and beetroot there, you know, just a wee bit proud.)

Anyway growning them was fun and rewarding - because, well they grew and looked like beetroots and such. We picked the 1st one and boiled it at home - okay; the 2nd we roasted on the bbq - okay again. BUT THEN Andrew came up with an amazing plan - BROWN SAUCE! Oh, my goodness, it sound bad, maybe worse than bad, but it is oh so good. I mean, really good. I am a beetroot convert - the fresh stuff that is, thon other pickled, be-jarred supermarket stuff could never be made again and I would rejoice.

I urge you, look not over the humble beetroot, but grow it next year in great quanities, as I intend to do. Pluck it, wash it, boil it and cover it in Brown sauce, you will thank me. Honest. Plus, the tender baby leaves are lovely in a salad. You just can't go wrong.

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