Sunday, 24 August 2008

Neeps and Tatties

On Friday night we went down for a wee check and a bit of weeding. It was lovely again and quiet - maybe everyone else has crazy social lives! We bagged up some of those potatoes, some for ourselves, some for family and a bag for Andrew's work colleagues (especially Paul - of the oak flooring/cold frame). We also lifted a couple of little Turnips (Purple Top Milan) for Mamma G. She was delighted - we grew them for her really, she loves Turnips.

We also, finally (shameful) met and spoke to Tracy. She got her plot long after us, the previous owner had a change of heart, so she's way behind. It really hasn't been helped by the atrocious weather and other commitments cropping up over various weekends. She was so downhearted, I hope she holds on in their and next year will be more fruitful for her.

Andrew also planted out the Parsley (Plain Leaved 2) I had sown in modules. We have had no luck whatsoever with herbs (apart from mint), so we aren't really holding that much hope for these either, I just wanted to try - we had the seeds anyway, free with a magazine. They have at least germinated and have 2 or 3 true leaves each, so that's a start. It's just so annoying when you end up buying herbs to go with your dinner, and think damn, we ought to have our own - wonder what have we being doing wrong?

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