Sunday, 24 August 2008

Around the allotments - a guide to Scarecrows and Sunflowers

We have neither a Scarecrow or sunflowers this year, so I have sneakily dandered about our Field (A) and into Field B.

So scarecrows then, there's a few, the penultimate one really scared me, honestly, how sad!, the last one made me laugh. Zoom into the face!


We love them, but never thought of growing them - it reminds us both of Blue Peter and basically just seeing how tall you can get yours to grow. We now have a new appreciation - using them as wind breakers!! Our plots are very windy indeed and we noticed that this plot just below us was more sheltered, due apparently only to these majestic plants. Billy's plot at the far side has them too, only they are much shorter and act as a hedge-like system, only very beautiful at the same time. Goodness could it also be considered a crop of some sort ?- sunflower seeds are ever so yummy (I used to eat my guinea pigs' seeds!).

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  1. Now I know what happened to my favourite trousers ;-)


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