Thursday, 14 August 2008

Well whilst we're on the subject of Maggie..

Maggie's view of the Allotment

Maggie has been very active in the start up and management of our plot. Let's face it, according to Luke (4 yrs) in the plot next to us, it's her plot in the first place. She sniffs everything and likes to have a wee taster of any successful produce, all from the comfort of her little spot by the shed, where she has to be tied up like, well, some sort of animal!!

Anywho, here's Maggie at the start; checking out the quality of the soil and consulting Andrew on the plan. And beside that, here she is at the plot's sign - doesn't she look proud?!

Mainly she holds the general over seers role - pretty much a yes man (girl) and isn't really bothered. She is a great attraction to the plot and everyone seems to love her, a wee pat on the head or a tickle behind the ear will make her your friend for life. Add to that a whole load of very unexpected and in Maggie's case, very much loved presents from Mark and Charlene who have the ajoining half plot A24(b) and she'd do anything for you. Well sit at least, she's not so good at tricks or indeed, gardening.

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