Friday, 15 August 2008

Runner Beans

As I said last night our gorgeous risotto also had runner beans in it, yum. We grew the variety 'Enorma' and they live up to their name! I would definitely have to recommend these, even if you have a little area in the back garden - they grow up poles (we made wigwams) so they don't take too much space, the flowers are a beautiful crimson colour and the harvest is bountiful to say the least.

We planted out some we had grown in modules in May, around a bamboo cane wigwam, 6 canes - 6 plants on the outside. We also planted 6 more seeds (which are so pretty) on the inside of each cane - thus having an amazing display of 12 plants per pyramid. They have been constantly giving beans - BIG ones as the name suggests since July and look set to continue well into September if not October. We have a glut of them, (the more you pick the more they produce) but they are so nice and it's fun to give something so long and tasty to family; the plants themselves are a talking point with every visitor.

Really, I urge you to get some for next year, for the allotment or home. They are lovely steamed with a little olive oil, or butter if you're my Mother-in -Law (hehe) or in the wonderous risotto that my husband makes. There's probably loads you can do with them but I'm no cook.

I forgot to take a photo of said yummy risotto - but here is one to full that void for now, they're only wee in this pic, I'll have to update it.....


  1. Hi i'm jealous of your runner beans mine have only just reached the top of the wigwam canes (slugs ate the first lot, 2nd lot growing slowly now) well i'm hoping for a glut soon.

    Found your link on the bbc gardening forum, so good luck with your plot and blog.

    Best wishes

    Today I will mostly be growing

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment, my 1st one! Thanks also for the best wishes, the same to you, especially with those runner beans. We have been so lucky with our crops, all I can suggest is the raised beds and we put down a lot of straw ans mulch under our plants - didn't see any slugs. Going to check out you blog now!


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