Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wee trip to Paris

It was my birthday on the 17th and the wonderful Hubby took me to Paris for a few days to celebrate - it was wonderful and we missed all the terrible weather and flooding here in good old Northern Ireland at the same time. Rub it in there, eh?

Whilst there we were struck by the fruit and veg and how good it was - fresh , good quality and readily available in even in tiny convenience shops. Also it makes you think - most of the residents there live in apartments and gorgeous though they are, it leaves little room for growing plants and especially vegetables. But they do it, they use the space they have to the best effect. Geraniums are everywhere, on little balconies and we even noticed 'allotments in a box' being sold - these ones are mainly soft fruits...

On the 1st evening we had a delicious meal of lamb leg chops and green beans with a olive oil (eek, it my have been butter) infused with thyme. So simple but cooked to perfection. Good grief, we are definitely growing french green beans next year - total converts.

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