Sunday, 24 August 2008

What's up Doc? and such

Usually you are advised not to plant Carrots in new beds with lots of new manure and compost; they are said to fork. Until today we laughed in the face of this, but the last laugh is on us. We've been plucking our 'Autumn King 2' variety every now and then over the past few weeks and they're all been brilliant. Today we picked two, the first was a delightful, beautifully proportioned carrot, the second was equally loved, don't get me wrong, but, it was VERY forked indeed. Still tasty in our gorgeous dinner, et voila.......

Our dinner tonight - couscous with our own carrots, runner beans, turnips, and peas.!
So, I have already spoken of our carrots, runner beans and turnips (so peppery and lovely) now we come to the peas. There were only a few ready today, but they looked so good and, well neither of us have much patience - so we harvested some to throw into our dinner, at the end.

Goodness, I love frozen green peas, but these were so unbelievably fresh and sweet, they just popped in the mouth, they were like sweeties. The variety we chose this year (1st we've ever grown them anyway) was 'Hurst Greenshaft'. We did get some mildew but quite frankly that doesn't harm the peas and is just cosmetic - I just picked off the displeasing mildewed leaves. (We had some extra, so I grew them up a little obelisk in my flower triangle and they're doing well too.) Andrew loves to pick them off the plant and eat them whilst 'working', lucky he's very generous and I get some too, each time.

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