Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Overview of our wee slice of Eden

I have just been told on the phone that my blog needs a wee overview picture - everything has been close ups so far. I think that is a sound idea so, here's a few to get you in the frame of things. They're from 24th July so everything has changed a bit but...
First is a photo of the plot from behind, our shed (and bench) to the next shed is all ours. On the left is my area of grasses, flowers and extra lettuce and peas bed. It was supposed to be a wild flower meadow, on a very small scale, but none of the seeds did anything. (The photo of these triangles is from last week, very pleased with results this time round.)

These two are from the other end. The first shows the black membrane covered turf stack - a bed for our pumpkins - waste not, want not. The second is taken with me standing on dead space (we have ideas for it!) and the other side of the plot down to the cold frame and shed.

This is the central path, taken from the bench.
Update of the two in the middle - 20th August, the right hand side (pumpkins have grown!) and left hand side (including the shameful waste land area this time)

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