Sunday, 10 August 2008

National Allotment Week

Yippeee! The Allotments were finally, officially, opened yesterday on the first day of National Allotment Week. There was a red ribbon and everything - cut with secateurs (oh, the irony). There was a good turn out even though the weather was foul and most of the place was just a swamp.

Personally we dug up some of our potatoes (Maris Piper) and they looked looked great! Tasted even better later at dinner, cut into wedges and with Cajun seasoning on them - yummy. Dinner also included our own spinach, broad beans, runner beans and beetroot (I'm proud i admit it).

Visited by Mamma G, Anne and Alison (her first visit, and probably not her last as she went home with some of our lovely produce!).

Day warmed up significantly - so much so that we went home at 4pm roasted and knackered, even though we hadn't done anything. But we felt good. Though necessarily as much as these kids!....

Later today we went back to collect the rest of our potatoes from yesterday. Met up with Bobby and his wife Sheila, who were also in the thick of it with visitors yesterday - and seemed to have given away a lot of their hard grown vegetables (you wouldn't get that from Andrew and me if we didn't know you), they are just too nice. Their Plot is truly amazing, they work so very hard every day and you can tell. Bobby is definitely going to win the inaugural Allotment of the year, we all know it in our gut! And well done too.

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