Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Back on Home Turf

We'd only been away for a few days but there was work to done alright when we got back. Andrew had taken the Tuesday off as well, as we didn't get home until very late, so we went to the allotment for a while in the later afternoon.

First thing we noticed is that the darn blight has effected lots of people's potatoes and tomatoes. It's upsetting. But, if like us (read down below) you cut off the leaves of the potatoes plants; the crop below is fine. Cut back early though, the blight spreads all over the place. Not too sure if there is any hope for the tomatoes in the same situation.

The terrible weather had also allowed the mushrooms in the compost (free from the council) to grow like crazy. It took about an hour to get rid of them all, though we all know there's a million others in there just waiting for me. Pity they weren't edible, we've had a mighty crop.

Had to get rid of the broad bean plants too, chocolate spot, I think it's called - the top leaves were all curled up and well, looked like they had lots of chocolate coloured spots on them. We cut them all down and harvested what there was, even the pods that looked brown had perfectly healthy beans inside.

Got rid of the coriander plants too, just because they were plain wick!

Lastly Andrew turned and mixed the compost - it looks great and now the mixture fills one of our bins to the brim. Who would have thought I'd get excited by compost?!! I suppose the knowledge that in autumn we won't have to buy lots of bags of the stuff is part of it. Always nice to safe a few quid, eh?

Dinner was a lot of broad beans, runner beans and some beetroot, with a little bread. The perfect detox after the pain au chocolat and croissants etc of recent days.

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