Thursday, 29 July 2010

All just peas in a pod

We can all rely on Mother Nature. She gives us what we need whether we realise it at the time or not. I needed that rain yesterday, I needed to turn my face away from the world and into her arms. She let it rain and that was the tears I could not cry.

She is always there for me making beauty appear all around me, giving me storms to cuddle up under a blanket with and feel safe, warm, protected. Looking into her eyes I am calmed, her voice is the bird song, the waves breaking; her smile is hope.

Nothing like a biological mother, she is much more -stronger, wiser, ever knowing. She tests me in ways that help me learn, to appreciate. Never malevolent, she pushes me to the limits to experience unease and heartache but only in order to feel the extremes and enjoy the beauty of laughter and peace all the more. She takes and she provides and there is a home in her heart where I am free.

I look around today and see the same mess, the same dull grey clouds; hear the same droning noise of cars and trains, the almost unbearable sound of my own breath and my fingers taping on this keyboard, alone in this room. Yet somehow today I sense the magnificence of simply being. One of many billions who have walked this earth, I am still unique and so are you.

(The last of our sweet delicious peas, now all gone, all done for another year)


  1. Very insightful and self aware. Impressive missy :) Nature always seems to pull through, doesn't it. xo

  2. Ooh you do have a wonderful way with words. Lynda xx

  3. Beautiful, Carrie. Just beautiful. It seems wrong that I should even ruin the moment by saying anything. Clearly, today's post was heartfelt and considered, and lyrical too. You swept me along in your reverie on Mother Nature. Thank you! :)

  4. Such beautiful words Carrie.
    thank you


  5. Very beautiful Carrie, she's the one constant we can rely on.

  6. Hi sweetheart ive been reading along for a few weeks and up untill now have not been brave enough to say hello ....... but today i have gain a bit of inner strength. justy wanted to let you know that you are not alone......... i too suffer like you and have been tucked away for weeks now not brave enough to face the world...... couped up in my little bubble trying to always make sence of how im feeling. Mother nature and Her beauty keeps me sane mostly :) just wanted to send a hug accross blogland x x x

  7. Carrie, this was so lovely and deep you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing this. It is not just a tribute to Mother Nature -- but to you as the beautiful person you are.


  8. I'll hopefully comment properly over the weekend as I'm having problems using my Wordpress identity! Flighty xx

  9. a great thank you note to mother nature..... and there shall be more sweet delicious peas...

  10. That pea photo is simply gorgeous!


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