Monday, 26 July 2010

A little nosey around the fields #1 (A and B)

We wanted to take dear little Maggie for a walk but couldn't face the usual routes we take and the tide was in so a trip to the beach wasn't happening - so what better than a dander and a good looking at other people's plots?! It's been ages since I took a walk around Eden Allotment Gardens and saw what was going on, what others were growing and the interesting details about how one puts personality into a plot.

We started off in our own field, field A where I feel most comfortable.

This is the plot right beside us, it used to be a friends but he had to give it up due to work commitments, now it has been carved into 2. This is the part we are next to on two sides (the bottoms of both 24a and 14b are next to this). It's a little bit very annoying with all those weeds but look at the super work a lovely married couple have managed to do to that other half in just a matter of weeks! Wow - well done. Gives us all new hope and a little spurt of energy (have to keep up with the Jones').
So, then off on our travels we passed by Davy's wild flower border which is just stunning and onto a fun sight of a scarecrow (in Halloween costume?) looking after a load of potatoes. Then beside that on the same plot, we noticed the presence of  a disease is hitting a lot of peoples' strawberries this year, especially if they are new bought ones. This patch is just gone as one one across the path and it continued around the fields :(

After this I fell, yep, totally wiped out and landed on  my side, mucked up from toe to face in Colin's plot. Lucky for Colin it was only the edge of his plot and straight into some very good quality, dark and composty soil (I was looking at it very closely for a moment, haha). I don't think anyone but Andrew saw and he picked me up sharpish. However the camera was dirty and there are few photos from here as I had to allow the muck to dry off. I do have a very impressive bruise though......

Into Field B and instantly it is bogland, there appears to be no drainage in this field at all and I really do feel so sorry for the plot holders here. Thank goodness we were wearing our wellies, I wonder, can you get small dogs wellies??.....
However there was some very impressive sights such as this ingenius idea. It is a shed or a greenhouse? It's both! Hoorah for inventiveness. Plus look at Ricky's plot, it's like something made up for a movie set.

Upon dandering out again we stopped by Andrew's Uncle's plot and look - I thought it was rather funny. Never seen anything like this before carrots in love - awwww, how sweet.


  1. It's always good to see what other people are up to.

    I have a few strange vegetable photos on my website - one parsnip is actually X rated. Its in the Plots and Plotters ection if you dare take a peak!

  2. Plotting in my own garden I always wonder what it would be like on an allotment, the community spirit, rivalry etc. Must be great for ideas and helpful tips off your neighbours. Hope you're OK after your fall?

  3. Well of course I'm going to have to go and see the x-rated parsnip now! ;)

    Thanks Damo - I'm fine even at the time I was laughing at myself though the knee hurt. We do have some rivalry going on at the minute with an onion growing comp. I'll have to do a piece on it xx

  4. Those carrots are so sweet. :)

    Now I feel sorry for the folks whose allotment has no drainage. That's tough, tough circumstances for growing almost anything. :(

    What a beautiful place to walk in, and I'm so glad you got to get out and walk dear Maggie in a beautiful setting. It must have been a joy for her, as well as for you, Carrie!

  5. Now see, I always suspected that vegetables had secret lives that we humans didn't know about. You may have just unveiled something monumental there, Carrie, something that changes the way veggies and human beings interact! Soon veggies will be demanding equal rights and everything!

    Ahem. Don't mind me. Haven't been getting much sleep lately... :P


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