Wednesday, 14 July 2010

We be jammin' again, but this time with Raspberries

Oh lordy, the 6 raspberry canes have all exploded in the glorious ruby red colour that can only equal one thing - berry joy!! Okay we're having a bit of trouble keeping up with the glut but there are no, I repeat NO complaints here - Raspberries are one of the Gault's favourite fruits :)
So here is a truly mouth watering photo of one of the big seed trays Andrew came home with on Friday night past. Oh, look at the colourful-ness and the cheeky little catepillar, hahaha. We didn't make jam out of him, honest!

So this is what we did do -

And with a little left over we did THIS - oh I'm antsy thinking about it now, I NEED more. I just need cream, biscuits, the jar of jam and a darkened room where no one can disturb me. I hope to be back blogging tomorrow (as I was at the lottie at the weekend - yipppee for me) but I guess that depends on whether someone finds me in said darkened room in a joy induced deep sleep, covered in jam and crumbs.


  1. Chocolate digestives, cream and raspberrry jam? Can I have a bowl too please?

  2. I want to join the party. I promise not to make too much noise in your darkened room -- as long as I can have an extra dollop of cream. :)

    Beautiful pictures, Carrie. Y'all's bounty at that allotment is fantastic lately!

  3. "MMmmm! count me in too" with some short cakes, those raspberries and whipped cream.. yuuuuummmm!

  4. Carrie that isa very, very, very piggy pud.
    As far as I can work out that is crushed plain chocolate digestives topped with jam and raspberries and cream.
    No holding back with you, is there!!!?
    I am hideously envious especially as my daughter is currently on an unnecessary diet and there are no cakes anywhere in the vicinity of this house.

  5. Well, that's me drowning in a sick pool of my own drool then! Way to torture a person showing pictures of mouthwateringly juicy raspberries and such! Sigh... :(

  6. Yes please...I love raspberries! Flighty xx

  7. om nom nom!! I want some!!

    our raspberries fruit a bit later than this but I've had a few (literally about 5) berries already and LOVE them!


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