Thursday, 15 July 2010

oh NO!!

I have somehow lost half of my blog list!!! What happened there. Sorry if you aren't listed at the moment I am going to have to think super hard about who all I love - eeekkk. I will try to get you all back :)

Oh. my. goodness. If you aren't there and you usually are please leave a comment and I'll get your address again xx


  1. Well, I'm still there, so that's good! The rest of the blogging world be danged... :P

    PS: I'm kidding about that last part. ;)

  2. Oooop! bad Blogger (it still won't let me upload videos grrrrrr!)


  3. Oh well - keeps my blog exclusive!

  4. For a minute, I thought you are going to write about losing half of your precious vegetables to caterpillars..... haha... ~bangchik

  5. So far it looks like I'm doing good - Magic Cochin I could not for the life of me remember anymore than the word 'purple' last night and type that into goggle and you've got a mess on your hands - thanks for leaving a comment!


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