Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Garlic time again :)

It's come around again, how quickly time flies! On Sunday Andrew lifted the garlic, the whole bed and now they are all lying in the shed drying. Oh, golly the smell is gorgeous but a little over powering as there are so many and each one is a fabulous size this year. There won't be a beautiful plait like last year when we had both soft and hard necked varieties; you can plait soft necked varities and it does look very pretty, we'll have bunches this year, a bit more homely, hahah

After last year's harvest Andrew took cloves from the largest of the new bulbs and set them to one side, oh the delicious circle....to be planted again. The best, biggest, beauties came from our 'Solent Wright' hard neck variety and lo and behold we now have lots more of perfect fat and juicy Solent Wrights again this year (for free). I have heard it said that over the years you get your own variety of garlic by doing this over and over with the same children. Best get the old thinking hat on for a future name :)

On a sadder note, all the rocket had to go. This weather with all the rain and the heat has sent some of the crops a little loopy. Poor things don't know what is going on (not that I have a better clue), or what time of the year it is. We'll grow more, it's okay.

But I can't end on a sad note, oh no! We started off our Sweetcorn this year with the usually very trusty F1 'Swift' but it completely failed - disaster! Then we (and by that I really mean Andrew) planted F1 'Sundance' and now, oh happy days, we have wonderful, glorious red tassles and the healthiest, thickest stems and leaves. That makes me excited. I love sweetcorn and we didn't get to eat much of ours last year because we went away on holiday when they were ready. Luckily they weren't just pilfered, they were picked and frozen by Mamma. However, we forgot all about them and when we did, well they were so tasteless. Nevermind, this year shall be different!.


  1. Our previous attempt at sweetcorns, produced blonde hair. But yours is near red!...

  2. Oh yes Bangchik they usually are a pale blonde colour, that's what I'm used to as well but we're being adventurous this year ;)

  3. I've more garlic waiting to be plaited once it has dried off - pity that as I understand it garlic is ineffective on modern day vampires!

  4. Hi Carrie
    I am so envious of your lovely Garlic crop, I have tried several times to grow garlic and it never comes to much but the year before last I put some in some pots and have actually now got one big garlic not sure what happened to the rest but guess what I was slow in lifting it and it started to go moldy near the base, fingers crossed I have saved it in time to be able to eat.

    Not sure why I am so dopey with Garlic I don't get many garden disasters must do better in future.

  5. Okay, I have to say it, Carrie... that red tassle on the sweetcorn in that second picture? It looks for all the world like a miniature girl band wig! I guess all your talk of plaited garlic and blowdried pineapples kind of sent me off on a fanciful mind trip!

    I know, not helpful. I'll do better next time! :P

  6. lovely blog! the corn tassles are beautiful--it sort of looks like the plant is wearing a crazy red wig.

  7. Love your red-haired corn. Hoping she is as sweet-tasting as she looks. :)

    Our garlic harvest was in May, and wasn't nearly as impressive. I think I won't be growing softneck garlic again -- or at least not that variety. It didn't size up properly, and I'd been warned it doesn't do well in this region. I'd have so loved to have a pretty braid, though.

    I do hope your weather gets better. It sounds as if it's been a little disconcerting and a bit of drag (as has ours, this season, but in a totally different way). Enjoy your harvest, Carrie!

  8. I don't grow garlic or rocket as I don't eat either, however I do eat sweetcorn and can't wait for mine to be ready!
    I like the new look, it's very swish! Flighty xx

  9. Your garlic looks fantastic, mine was a disaster this year, planted too late I think. Can't wait for sweetcorn too!

  10. The garlic and corn looks wonderful!
    And your banner is stunning! xo

  11. " That is some unique looking corn.. Love the New Header it's Preeeettty!

    " No" It's Beautiful! I really like that red Poppy.. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!


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